Monday, 15 August 2011

Dem Bones Dem Bones Dem Drybrushed Bones

Well they might not be dark eldar but contrary to the title of this blog isn't sole about them either :). So as great as the powers of chaos are I haven't been having fun with my chaos warriors army. They were just to dry, to stale. There wasn't anything I could really add that felt like it gave the army any pop or pazzaz. So I've decided to shelve them for now (or at least not buy anything more for them) in exchange for some vampire counts, BLEIGH!! (Yes I'm a fan of magicka, if you haven't played it go do so!).

Now anyone who plays vampire counts can probably tell you Skellies might not be the best choice but honestly, I don't care. The ghouls from GW look stupid, and their fluff is just bad! If I was ever going to field a ghoul centric army I would have to use the ones from Mantic and I'm not sure how my FLGS would take that. Neither here no there because I have skellies! For me these guys are the exact opposite of ghouls. Their fluff is good (though really its hard to screw up fluff for skeletons). I think the models are fantastic, and while they might not be as powerful as ghouls are I think they'll do well enough.

So these are the first five skeletons I've painted for my new army. I personally think they look great and the technique was stupid easy. I picked it up from one of the tutorials at but it basically goes, Khemi brown base coat, a thick coat of devlan mud, bleached bone dry brush (I thought the bleached bone was a bit to dark for what I wanted so I did one dry brush of pure bleached bone and one of 50:50 bleached bone and skull white), Then use bleached bone to pick out the more predominant areas like the skull, arms, knee caps, ect. Then a very Very VERY light dry brush of pure skull white. Use a bit of devlan mud to darken up specific areas like the eye sockets and knees then paint up the armor and your done.

 So I hope you all enjoy these models, I know I had fun painting them!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Im not dead!

Wow its been a long time since I gave this blog anything resembling attention. Truth be told its in part because I haven't had anything to post since my raider went up. My hobby time has been short and even when I've had some free time its hasn't been spent on the hobby so much. But that has changed and here is a few shots of my first venom. Over all I like it, though I will reiterate my intense dislike for painting vehicles.

So the main thing that went wrong here was that I was a bit of a moron and didn't think of how the varnish I used would obscure the clear plastic canopy of the venom. So this brave dark eldar pilot gets to fly with frosted glass as I learn for my next venoms to leave the canopy off until after its been varnished, then glue it on.

Other then this Venom I haven't been up to much. Got a new dark eldar list that has been doing well so far but I haven't had enough games yet to be comfortable with the list. It still feels off to me, like wearing your shoes on the wrong feet. I cant just look at the table and know exactly what I have to do with each unit like my old list. Overall though its a fun and powerful list that I don't foresee making any major changes to.

On the fantasy side of the street I have been participating in a Warhammer escalation league game at my FLGS. Its been a lot of fun and two things have come out of it for me. 1)I'm soooooo burnt out on warhammer fantasy after all the games I've been playing. and 2)Warriors of chaos while powerful are very uninspiring as an army for me. Seriously, they have one tactic. Walk across the board, crush face. Sure you can get some magic in there or maybe some different units to try to change up the way you crush face but its still the same thing. And I get very jealous watching my opponents set up these grand plays employing bait units, allies of death, flank set ups and the like and I don't have enough units to try and do the same. So after this league is over the warriors are gonna be swapped out for some vampire counts who where my second choice when I first started warhammer. I'm not sure if the warriors are just gonna get shelved or will be sacrificed to the chaos god known as eBay to fund my vampire project.

See you round the webway