Thursday, 19 May 2011

Wyches Raider Plus my WoC Lord on Disk

Wow what a week its been! Or has it been two? I dunno but I know the last while has not been kind to my hobbyist time. That being said I did manage to squeeze some time in to my otherwise full Schedule and the results are not bad at all if I do say so myself!

First up is my the "mostly finished" raider. The paint work is done on it at this point. I'm just looking to get some printable transfer sheets in to add some decals to the sail and possibly the hull (still undecided on that one). The biggest thing I can say I learned on this one? Get a <censored> air brush. Seriously this thing was the least fun thing I have ever taken my brush to. I think if I could speed up the base coating process a bit and get to focus more on the detailing work (and fun effects an airbrush makes possible) would have been a lot more enjoyable for me. But overall not a bad result if I do say so myself.

After the raider I felt I needed a small break from my dark eldar before I started work on the crew for my new raider. That meant a quick trip to my warriors of chaos for fantasy. I have been working on a new color scheme that may yet get made the main style of my army. Unlike my dark eldar I have yet to come up with a scheme I am 100% happy with. Once I get the test model done maybe I'll post some shots of my choices here and find out what the internet at large thinks.

But of far more interest is my latest conversion project. This here is my lord on a disk of tzeentch. Games workshop does make a very good looking model for this unit already however I always had one problem with it. The disk is far to static to be related to the god of change. When I picture demons from Tzeentchs realm I picture beings who never adopt the same form twice and never stay in the same form for more then moments at a time. Beings that in the material realm flicker from form to form with very little care for the laws of this world. The flamers are excellent examples of this theory. Also I found the model that mounted the disk far to... bulky to be a sorcerer. Maybe a lord? but a sorcerer should be casting a spell! And that's where the inspiration for this piece came from. What better source of energy for a spell then a being given life by the god of magic himself. And it is established in the army book that sorcerers often make pacts with demons to attain their magical power. So the true question remains, in this pairing is the demon, or the sorcerer the true master? Or maybe its something else entirely? Who knows what plans if any the changer of ways has for this mortal soul?

See you in the webway!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

New dark eldar advanced orders!

I woke up this morning and was quite happy to see that the advance orders for the next wave of dark eldar had been posted on the games workshop site. The one I'm most excited about being the venom as I've been holding off doing a conversion to be able to field one (and good thing to as my conversion would have cost over $100 CAD while the actual venom only cost $36 CAD and looks better then mine would have). I'm also quite pleased with the fact that they have done a screaming bell/plague furnace idea with the chronos and the talos. They also gave us our scourges which is good because we needed something to field in our fast attack slot after the beast master beasts fiasco. They were always a unit I liked the sound of but could never think of a conversion I was happy with. Sorry coven players, better luck in wave 3 for your wracks and grotesques.

Interestingly enough they also released our battle force. Not a bad showing in it either. I've already got all the raiders and wyches I need (and far to many reavers) but its probably a good place for fledgling archon or succubus to start out as adding a good HQ to that box will probably bring you in close to 500 points or so.

So head on over to The advanced order page and check em out!

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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Gold Wyches Raider WIP

Alright so right off the off I have had next to no time to work on much of anything lately. So while I was hoping to have a totally finished model to show off tonight, alas I am stuck with a WIP shot.

So this raider is going to be the ride for the squad I recently showed off. This is the first model of this size I have ever painted and I think it shows. There was a lot more that was different between painting this thing and my wyches then I thought there would be to be honest. So for a first attempt at not only the scale of painting but also some free hand work I did on the flag I don't think its to bad. But its one of those that has a serious chance of getting redone at some point in the future when my skills have improved.

So this is my first attempt at actually doing some free hand painting. I plan to have these flags on all my raiders and use them to denote what squad is in what raider. I think for any more I do I'll be removing the flag (this one was already glued in) and painting it separate as trying to paint it around the hull of the raider proved to be a giant PITA and effected then end quality I think. Also think maybe I should do the symbols smaller and inside the circle. Not sure on that yet though.

A good shot of the edging around the different plates of the raider. Keeping with my previously discussed white and gold scheme (black seems to have been unconsciously added to the scheme at some point as well). While the edging in a few places on the model could be a bit better overall I think its turned out well. I was working on trying to keep the lines as uniform in width as possible.

Here's a shot of the decking. A bit of a pain to paint without messing up the white underneath but I think the black grating will look quite good when the sail is finally attached.

So that's the extent of what I've been working on the last little while. Questions, comments, suggestions are always welcome of course.

See you in the webway

PS: Clive I do intend to try out your suggestion and get some picks up soon, but as I said earlier. Life

Monday, 2 May 2011

Combat drug roll of "Durrr!"

Alright I've putting off writing this post since last Thursday. I mean who likes to admit publicly to stupidity right? And the game I'm about to tell you about was lost for no other reason the sheer, unbridled stupidity. But before I do check out the picture on the left. That was a model fielded against me in this game, and while not a dark eldar, its still sweet!

So about this game. The list I was up against was horrible, especially when going against a list with plenty of darklight weapons (which I had). It was against Gray Knights fielding Draigo and about 20ish paladins split into two squads. The mission was annihilation with the deployment being dawn of war. I lost the deployment roll and was forced to go first. We both placed out entire army in reserve so the game didn't start until turn 2. Everything I owned save 1 unit of wyches came on that turn, but with nothing to shoot at it was mostly just setting myself up so I could respond no matter where he cropped up. On his turn one unit stays in reserve and one unit deep strikes onto the table. Now this is where things went to pot. I tried to use my regular tactics against this army, which generally amounts to overwhelm a flank until it collapses then move up on the rest of their forces from the side. Of course this army didn't have a flank, this army didn't have any tanks. All this army had was 21 dudes, and I got cocky. I basically tried to throw every wych I had against the one unit he had on the table. He was able to slaughter me before I even got a chance to attack thanks to that psychic power that makes them initiative 10. He only had 4 kill points in his army. The game was called as soon as he scored 5 against me which didn't take long.

Now most of you reading this are going to be able to point out exactly where my screw up was and what I should have done. But for the sake of my own recollection and any newer players reading this let me lay it out. My first mistake was not deploying anything on turn 1. A relatively minor mistake and one that didn't really effect this game at all but one I shouldn't have made regardless. The biggest mistake I made was throwing my wyches at them such as I did. Paladins are powerful but slow as all get out and after their deep strike they had almost 0 maneuverability. I should have used my speed to keep my raiders, ravagers, and jet-fighter out of arms reach of the paladins and blasted away with my darklight weapons? why? Paladins might have 2 wounds a piece but they are toughness 4. A Paladin takes a wound from a strength 8 or higher gun (IE: Darklances) then its insta-death, game over, good night Mr. paladin. Now its true he had Draigo a toughness 5 model with a 3+ ward save as well as a nemesis staff which is another ward save. However Draigo can be killed and once he is your home free as the nemesis stave only works in close combat (don't let your opponent tell you otherwise, like mine did). After that happened the rest of the squad would have gone up like kindling in a fire storm. And all this without him able to retaliate in any meaningful way.

So hopefully my foolishness in this game will serve as a good lesson for any other commanders out there (especially other dark eldar commanders) about the proper way to deal with this list and a list like it.
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