Monday, 29 October 2012

I'm not dead! Neither are my dark eldar

Sooo its been a while since I've published anything to this blog. Partly because I haven't really thought to and partly because I wasn't sure I even wanted to keep playing my dark eldar. I've not had very good luck with them as of late and 6th ed wasn't kind to me either. But this army is my first love in the world of 40K and by fire and brimstone I AM going to make them work.

However I am going to be adding some eldar allies to this army. I feel that specific units in the eldar codex will add quite a bit to my army. I have the parts needed on order so we will see if my prediction is accurate. I found a craftworld of eldar that I think would match up with my dark eldar fairly well. Their fluff has been butchered a bit by CS Goto but if your willing to over look the truly messed up parts of the fiction, he has created an interesting craftworld. I'm speaking of craftworld Kaelor. A craftworld that, while still following the path system are dangerously close to slipping into the same habits of excess that led to birth of "she who thirsts". What would be deemed a pleasure cult and destroyed on other craft worlds are common place on Kaelor and the house system is still very strong. While the current dark eldar have abandoned the house system in favor of the kabal it wasn't all that long ago that they followed a handful of houses.

So here are some WIP shots of the venom I've been working on over the last couple of days. The main body is basically done in these pics I just need to paint the gunner, the hangers on and add some basing to call it done. Alas painting the gunner is going to have to wait till we get a day where its not pissing down rain! (going on 2 weeks at this point)



  1. Paint job is looking good, Cant wait to play against the army again.

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