Thursday, 19 May 2011

Wyches Raider Plus my WoC Lord on Disk

Wow what a week its been! Or has it been two? I dunno but I know the last while has not been kind to my hobbyist time. That being said I did manage to squeeze some time in to my otherwise full Schedule and the results are not bad at all if I do say so myself!

First up is my the "mostly finished" raider. The paint work is done on it at this point. I'm just looking to get some printable transfer sheets in to add some decals to the sail and possibly the hull (still undecided on that one). The biggest thing I can say I learned on this one? Get a <censored> air brush. Seriously this thing was the least fun thing I have ever taken my brush to. I think if I could speed up the base coating process a bit and get to focus more on the detailing work (and fun effects an airbrush makes possible) would have been a lot more enjoyable for me. But overall not a bad result if I do say so myself.

After the raider I felt I needed a small break from my dark eldar before I started work on the crew for my new raider. That meant a quick trip to my warriors of chaos for fantasy. I have been working on a new color scheme that may yet get made the main style of my army. Unlike my dark eldar I have yet to come up with a scheme I am 100% happy with. Once I get the test model done maybe I'll post some shots of my choices here and find out what the internet at large thinks.

But of far more interest is my latest conversion project. This here is my lord on a disk of tzeentch. Games workshop does make a very good looking model for this unit already however I always had one problem with it. The disk is far to static to be related to the god of change. When I picture demons from Tzeentchs realm I picture beings who never adopt the same form twice and never stay in the same form for more then moments at a time. Beings that in the material realm flicker from form to form with very little care for the laws of this world. The flamers are excellent examples of this theory. Also I found the model that mounted the disk far to... bulky to be a sorcerer. Maybe a lord? but a sorcerer should be casting a spell! And that's where the inspiration for this piece came from. What better source of energy for a spell then a being given life by the god of magic himself. And it is established in the army book that sorcerers often make pacts with demons to attain their magical power. So the true question remains, in this pairing is the demon, or the sorcerer the true master? Or maybe its something else entirely? Who knows what plans if any the changer of ways has for this mortal soul?

See you in the webway!

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