Wednesday, 11 May 2011

New dark eldar advanced orders!

I woke up this morning and was quite happy to see that the advance orders for the next wave of dark eldar had been posted on the games workshop site. The one I'm most excited about being the venom as I've been holding off doing a conversion to be able to field one (and good thing to as my conversion would have cost over $100 CAD while the actual venom only cost $36 CAD and looks better then mine would have). I'm also quite pleased with the fact that they have done a screaming bell/plague furnace idea with the chronos and the talos. They also gave us our scourges which is good because we needed something to field in our fast attack slot after the beast master beasts fiasco. They were always a unit I liked the sound of but could never think of a conversion I was happy with. Sorry coven players, better luck in wave 3 for your wracks and grotesques.

Interestingly enough they also released our battle force. Not a bad showing in it either. I've already got all the raiders and wyches I need (and far to many reavers) but its probably a good place for fledgling archon or succubus to start out as adding a good HQ to that box will probably bring you in close to 500 points or so.

So head on over to The advanced order page and check em out!

See you in the webway

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